Remember how the Facebook status feature always asked ‘What’s on your mind?’ Imagine, if there was really someone who just reads your mind and tells you without a doubt of being wrong. Famously known as Susha, Suhani Shah is directly turning heads and blowing minds.

Suhani is an Indian mentalist, magician, and YouTuber who was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In her initial school years only she quit school to follow her passion. Suhani claims and believes that “Experiences have taught more than what a school could or would” despite never having received a formal education.

Her YouTube channel is a hit and her content fresh with her very own show- ‘That’s my Job!’ She has done 4 seasons of these shows and in her show, she does tricks and surprises them with conversations.

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She has made reels with celebrities and influencers and all that is not just interesting because of the characters but because of how Suhani blew their minds.

A corporate trainer, an author and a counselor, she has given TEDx talks. At a young age, Shah started her career and it shows in her confidence.

At the promotion of Lal Singh Chadda, she shocked Kareen Kapoor Khan too with her talent and art.

If you want to see her magic live and on-stage, it’s not a problematic wish. This girl does it all and that’s how you will get to see her. Her live shows are happening over the country. Just book tickets to her show and go watch her live!

And those who are unable to do so as of now, enjoy her tricks and mind-reading over the internet on her Instagram, YouTube and occasionally on television!