According to the Official Instagram blog, Instagram has released an updated version of its Parents’ Guide, and it’s in time for the start of the new school year.

Helping your teen navigate Instagram safely” offers a thorough overview of the app’s various privacy and control features as well as advice for parents on how to support and guide their children while using the app.

Indeed, a number of reports have highlighted the risks associated with Instagram, particularly for teen users.

Supervision on Instagram

Parents and Guardians or teens can send requests to initiate supervision to help you build positive online habits together.

Once you establish supervision with your teen, you can supervise your teen’s Instagram accounts and see their time spent on the app, their following and followers lists, and reports they submit to Instagram.

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With the addition of new school pressures, it may be worthwhile to download and read the guide, which is offered in 40 regional variations, including various languages.

The manual gives a thorough explanation of all of Instagram’s privacy and accounts safety features, as well as how they operate.

Additionally, information on how users can restrict who sees their updates via the app.

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There is also a section on DM safety, which is a major worry for children.

A user now has the access to pinning all the positive comments and for the negative comments there are some guidelines for fostering constructive interactions:

Parents’ Guide

Last but not least, Instagram offers advice on how to discuss online safety with children, which may facilitate communication within your family.

Parents’ Guide

There are some insightful and significant points made here, and given that children are currently readjusting to life in school and to new norms, this may be the ideal time to learn about the various tools and functions that are available to help.