To keep the world updated is our job and we try our best to do so. In our previous week’s issue we talked about Instagram’s Weekly Trends (in case you haven’t read it click here). But just like time and tide, the trends too wait for no one and are ever changing. It is surprisingly possible that by the time we come to know about a trend, the trend is no longer trending (now that’s a goofy trend!)
Let’s have a look at the latest edition of What’s Happening This Week On Instagram:


🎵Audio: Симпл димпл поп ит сквиш​ – ​M&A, Бэтси
Shake a leg with your buddies while transitioning to this simple dimple tune! Watch Nishitha Uday (@nishithauday) showing us how it is done!


🎵Audio: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi – Rashid Ali
Use this trick to explain “fun” life situations. While you are at it, don’t forget to watch Jay Bhanushali (@ijaybhanushali) hilariously explain his “fun” situation!


🎵Audio: Brutal – Olivia Rodrigo
Show off your outfits and creatively change your looks while tuning to the beats of this song. Watch Mannat Sandhu (@mannat_sandhu) slaying the trend in her own way!


Seven notes but a billion melodies catering a million trends! Let’s have a look at trending music tracks for this week. Fresh from Instagram’s Music library:

    (What’s Playing This Week)

    🎵 Vande Mataram 
    Tiger Jackie Shroff 


🎵 Raataan Lambiyan
Tanishk Bagchi, Jubin Nautiyal, Asees Kaur

🎵 Dil Ko Karaar Aaya
Neha Kakkar

🎵 Bachpan Ka Pyaar

🎵 London Bridge

Now that you know what’s happening there’s just one thing left to do, Reel it Up!


Celebrate Raksha Bandhan on 22nd August!

See You With The Next Set Of Trends!