Life, in reality, is so monotonous. Isn’t it? But the world of Instagram is always blazing. Whether it’s some latest dance trend, controversial gossip, entrepreneurial tip, fashion or beauty hack, etc. the Gram is just so vast. It can’t be described in a few words. Every day something or the other becomes the new trend, hyping people. 

On this #WelcomeWednesday, I bring you the most recent viral trend, the Personal Colour Test Reel. With this test, you can know about your personality and colour type accordingly. So aesthetic and cool! You just need to answer a few questions on the site, and tada! You have your own colour that matches your personality, and the details in front of you. Click here to get your test done!

Here are some of the pretty colours to make your mood on Wednesday:

  1. Sprout
  1. Dandelion
  1. Serulian
  1. Sweet Pink
  1. Ocean Bay
  1. Alice Blue
  1. Quartz
  1. Vanilla Ice
  1. Doeny
  1. Warm Flame
  1. Rose Bud
  1. Oasis
  1. Cactus
  1. Navy Fiony
  1. Periglacial Blue

So, did these splash of colours made your #WelcomeWednesday more vibrant? Now, have more fun getting to know yourself with this test, and make reels!