If you’re taking a break, quarantining, or just tired of watching the same old movies, this article will introduce you to three films that will elicit intense emotions in you. All you have to do now is go to YouTube, after reading this article, because all of these movies are streaming there and are completely free.

1. Almost, a short story on heartbreak, by Ankush Bahuguna

The first film I bring to you is, Almost – a short, six-minute film starring Ankush Bahuguna and Shibani Bedi. Amidst all the dramatic and satirical movies that we introduce ourselves to in our day-to-day lifestyle, is one such rare piece of art that will take you down a memory lane and make you cry out loud in reciprocation to that of the characters’ emotions.

The script is fresh, simple, yet enough to invoke feelings by Ankush, himself. It revolves around the storyline of two characters who are going through a break up despite being in love due to their rivalry with long distance relationship.

It introduces us to the story and piques our attention while, thanks to relatability, capturing our hearts in almost no time. Each of us has experienced heartbreak, and nostalgia serves as a catalyst between the audience and the film. It pulls us together in a matter of minutes and leaves us with an afterthought to find the closure we didn’t know we needed, in the first place. This is unquestionably one of the best films ever made!

2. Lakshmi, a film on sex trafficking, by Nagesh Kukunoor

The second movie I bring to you is Lakshmi, based on true events which tells us a story of courage, bravery and heroism by Nagesh Kukunoor. This movie, based on sex trafficking, features a renowned singer, Monali Thakur playing the protagonist, Lakshmi who is from a small village set in Hyderabad. This film explores hope, innocence and spirit in the most unlikeliest of stories and the writer has done a commendable job at that.

This rather graphic film with blood and glory revolves around the storyline of fighting the crime that is still evidently committed in our country. A rather unsettling feeling makes us face the world with its harsh truth. The film is filled with scary and scream-invoking scenes but the ending just makes up for the cruel exploration of the story. Lakshmi is filled with innocence, care and sweet behaviour and Monali does the best job of doing justice to the character.

Fair warning, there is a lot of graphic detailing in the second half of the movie so if you are sensitive, take a call but otherwise, a must-watch.

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3. The Call, a crime thriller film, by Richard D’Ovidio

The Call starring Halle Berry, Evie Thompson and Abigail Breslin as the main characters talks about the emergency service – 911 phone call from a girl who has been abducted to the woman who has to face a horrid past in order to rescue the kidnapped girl. A thriller film full of drama and crime based in Los Angeles makes one feel scared, cry and build hope throughout the movie and ends with a rather cheerful emotion.

The storyline revolves around ‘The Hive‘ that is the 911 office full of veterans answering phone calls with, “911, what’s your emergency?” with one such phone call that makes it worth storytelling. It is an absolute must-watch for it explores the hard reality and gives one some ideas for escaping such a situation.

The actors are doing an absolute justice to the characters and the movie throughout is filled with scenarios that commend the beautiful script.

I hope you like these personalised list of films. And until my pen writes more for you, tap HERE to check out an article featuring Netflix films right away!