Breaking the stereotypes of finance has been the one of the ultimate goals of the current generation or popularly known as the millennials. In India, next to sex we find the discussion of personal finances as a taboo. As a result millions of people are ‘clueless’ when it comes to taxes, investment, finances in short MONEY. Thus, to break the stigma around money and finances HONESTLY by TANMAY BHAT comes to the rescue.

Run by Tanmay Bhat (co founder of A!B) Honestly is his secondary channel running parallelly alongside his main channel TANMAY BHAT. While Tanmay’s primary channel focuses on comedic content, livestreams and reaction videos. The secondary channel is devoted to financial awareness, investments and money management. The channel also puts out podcasts as part of its ‘Honestly’ series where Tanmay discusses life lessons and glances at personal finances of eminent personalities in the fields of music, digital content and even cricket!

Another segment in the channel is STONKS which is a finance news show. Here Tanmay sits down for a live stream with financial experts to discuss trends in the market and even takes up questions from the live audience to get them answered.

Apart from these two segments (as if not much has been done already!) Tanmay also puts out videos which serve as a finance lesson. The videos are made for anyone who is completely clueless about money and wishes to learn about the subject.

In these videos Tanmay focuses on the FAQs and shares personal experiences from his financial life. Furthermore videos are also made on hot topics like Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc. and even about investments and saving taxes.


To quote Tanmay HONESTLY by TANMAY BHAT is “All Asia Number 1” channel for finance, and if you’re clueless about money then you now know what to tune into.