May it be any cuisine of food, from any country or continent, when it comes to Indian food, it could make anyone fall in love with its varied flavours. Julius Fiedler who goes on Instagram by the name of Baking Hermann is a vegan food content creator who has tried making Indian food and it just looks delicious-Indian and Vegan!

Julius started his vegan journey and here’s why he turned vegan.

Being a food content creator, he did not just want to be someone who makes food by taking lives and while this worried if it would affect his health, he realized how he can always eat something that’s from a different culture and will be free of taking an animal’s life too!

In the reel above he can be seen making delicious daal rice which is an Indian cuisine.

Julius started a veganuary reels content on his page and that just got insane response from supporters.

After content of veganuary parts of cooking, he also started sharing the best vegan food around him from different restaurants.

That’s not the best part. He has tried making Indian cuisines other than daal chawal and it is so interesting to see- they look really yummy. From south Indian Idli’s to Mumbai’s vada pav, Julius slaying the dishes with looks that look really delicious.

Here’s his try at the Indian dishes-



Vada Pav

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Other than these delicacies, he has been making other vegan food content too and its nothing but- aesthetic looking yum food!

Removing meat and making tasty dishes vegan, one cuisine at a time. If you liked this you should totally check out his page and his website for more vegan content and recipes!