The thing about AI technologies is that they get smarter the more you use them. As a result, every time a user tells it what they like and dislike about something, it learns and provides better results with each subsequent search.

By offering high quality outlines, the tools can assist you in coming up with ideas and figuring out how to write about a given subject. Here are seven AI-powered content-creation tools you can use to automate your job if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or just want to polish your work:

For writers or content creators, knowing where to begin can be challenging, and staring at a blank page is never enjoyable. Here, Frase steps in to offer assistance by producing outlines based on content found online. Frase is then taught to offer keywords and subheadings one can use to assure a better ranking of their material on the web based on inquiries submitted by users.

The wonderful thing about Copy AI is that you can use its features in their free form without having to pay anything. This tool may aid you in overcoming writer’s block if you’re having any problems. You can write content quickly and effectively using Copy AI. 


The fantastic AI writing tool Scalenut allows you total control over the text you produce. It scales well for each situation, whether you are new to AI content generation or a seasoned content marketing expert. It also offers you the capabilities and tools you need to create outstanding content. 

With Scalenut, you have free access to an endless supply of words. Additionally, this tool doesn’t restrict you to a premium plan.

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In order to make sure you’re always generating pertinent content, Surfer is an AI-powered content production tool that combines keyword research, content editing, domain analysis, and SERP analysis with content planning. When it comes to article writing, this tool contains a ton of functionality.

One more item is taken care of for you because Surfer’s document editor allows you to copy and paste directly into the platform of your choice and is already prepared for HTML. Try Surfer by clicking the link.


A platform that gives you the ability to write your content, do keyword research, and then optimise it. Thus, conducting research and producing content don’t require the user to use two different programs. GrowthBar, however, offers everything on a single platform. You may write everything from basic paragraphs to whole articles to sales letters and more, in addition to creating product descriptions.

AI-powered tools for content writers have revolutionized the writing process, providing valuable insights and assistance to writers.

These tools have the potential to help writers produce higher quality content, faster, and with greater efficiency. While they may never fully replace human creativity and intuition, they can be a valuable asset to any content writer looking to improve their skills.