Twitter, the micro blogging platform will now allow users to unmention themselves from a tweet. Dominic Camozzi, Privacy designer @twitter shared Twitter’s latest feature of “Unmention Yourself” 


Getting a little TOO much attention? I want to make it easier to address that in 3 ways. 
1️⃣  Get notified when you’re getting a lot of mentions
2️⃣  Review those Tweets
3️⃣  Change settings to stop the situation from escalating further
Writes Dominic in one of his tweets.

The new privacy addition will focus on the following aspects:
(Source: Dominic Camozzi’s Twitter @_dcrc_)

Control Mass Mentions

Quickly address situations that have suddenly escalated​.

Proactively control @ mentions​

You can also restrict certain accounts from mentioning you​.​​Don’t want anyone to mention you?
Pause your mentions for 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

​Highlight potential unwanted situations​

​If someone you don’t follow @ mentions you, you’ll see a notification​.​
​If you choose to unmention yourself, this will also stop the Tweet author from mentioning you again in the future.

​Unmention Yourself​

​Remove yourself from any Tweet or conversation you don’t want to be associated with.​​
This is a one time action that is quick and easy to do from the more info menu.

More details about the feature can be read in the twitter thread below: