Just like the popular statement, “English is a funny language”, similarly, Instagram is also a funny app. Here, what can become a trend you might never know. From the latest entertainment to old tracks and dance, anything can become viral and catch your attention. Today, I’m presenting to you the current trend where creators are making transformation reels on the 2011 track ‘Bust Your Knee Caps’ by Pomplamoose. I’m sure you must have heard the lines “Johnny don’t leave me, You said you’d love me forever. Honey, believe me, I’ll have your heart on a platter”, so many times by now.

So, here’s the original track:

Now, let’s get a look at six reels by renowned creators on ‘Bust Your Knee Cap’ (Johnny Don’t Leave Me):

  1. Erin Rose
  1. Nagma Mirajkar
  1. Avneet Kaur
  1. Aneesah Ukani
  1. Mrunal Panchal
  1. Ashi Khanna

7. Ritvi

These ladies have done a wonderful job in carrying on the trend. No wonder, their name in the creator community and Instagram, is famous. Their various styling and doing makeup is what sets them far apart from each other, but trends like these bring them together.