Few stories inspire you to push yourself harder simply by listening. Anurag Dobhal, fondly known as the UK07 Rider, is a person living an inspiring life. Born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Anurag’s journey from a humble background to becoming a global sensation is nothing short of remarkable. His remarkable rise to fame on YouTube and Instagram, coupled with his impressive possessions, has now culminated in an appearance on Bigg Boss Season 17. Let’s take a ride through Anurag’s inspiring life story.

Anurag Dobhal climbs the stairs to Bigg Boss


Early Life and Family

Anurag Dobhal in his early life had a humble upbringing. His father worked as a college teacher, while his mother is a homemaker. Anurag has two siblings, his brother Anuj Dobhal, and his sister, Bhavya Dobhal. He received his early education and completed his Graduation in the state of Uttarakhand. 

The Birth of UK07 Rider

Anurag Dobhal began his journey as a content creator in 2018 when he set out on a path to share his exhilarating bike rides and travel adventures with the world. His magnetic personality, coupled with a daring spirit, attracted an ever-growing following. Today, Anurag has more than 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 5 million plus followers follow him on Instagram. 

Bigg Boss UK07 Anurag Dobhal

One of the pivotal moments in Anurag’s YouTube career was his journey to the Pakistan-Kartarpur corridor, which was met with tremendous acclaim and marked a significant turning point in his life. Since then there has been no looking back and Anurag’s journey on the virtual highway of social media has begun.

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The Road to Social Media Fame

Fast forward to the present day, and Anurag Dobhal, the UK07 Rider, stands tall as one of the most renowned travel vloggers and YouTubers. In fact he is also reputed as one of the best motovloggers in the world. The staggering following on his social media accounts is proof of his captivating content. Anurag’s thrilling bike journeys where he takes his viewers through the lush landscapes of India have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many who diligently follow him.

His influence extends beyond YouTube and Instagram, with Anurag securing lucrative sponsorship deals from prominent companies. His content quality and engaging style have made him an attractive collaborator for brands seeking to reach his vast audience.

Luxury Possessions 

Anurag Dobhal’s passion for motorcycles is evident in his impressive collection. The garage of the UK07 Rider boasts some of the most sought-after bikes, including the KTM RC 200, BMW GS 310, Kawasaki Z900, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and many more. 

Not limited to two-wheelers, Anurag also owns some enviable cars, such as the GT Mustang, Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Supra MK5 among others. 

The Bigg Boss Journey

Anurag Dobhal’s journey from a local enthusiast to a global sensation was already inspiring. Still, the latest chapter in his story adds even more intrigue. Anurag’s entry into Bigg Boss Season 17, where the theme revolves around singles versus couples, showcases how his rising popularity goes far beyond the digital world. His engaging personality has made him a familiar name across the country and the world. His inclusion in the iconic reality show Bigg Boss is an exciting new chapter in his life, and it will be fascinating to see how he navigates the drama, challenges, and excitement of the Bigg Boss house.

Alongside Anurag, other popular faces on Bigg Boss 17 include Ankita Lokhande- Vicky Jain, Munawar Faruqui, Neil Bhatt among others.

Anurag Dobhal’s story is a compelling tale of passion, hard work, and the power of social media. From a modest background to becoming a social media sensation with a huge following, Anurag’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring content creators. With his impressive possessions and a coveted spot in Bigg Boss, Anurag Dobhal continues to write his remarkable story, reminding us that dreams can be achieved through dedication and unwavering passion.