A few users were in for a surprise when Twitter’s Explore button decked up a vertical video dimension inside the mobile application. Until now the tab displayed the most talked about topic on the app and the trending hashtags. With the latest update, the Search option is divided into ‘For You’ and ‘Trending’ sections.

According to Twitter, the modification is in line with the platform’s objective to up the user experience and help them find the best content. While it is available for Android and iOS users with an updated version of the app and those who use it in English, the feature is still a part of the testing stage in India.

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The feature is an immersive affair on the visual aspects with a supportive high-tech audio. The images could be static photos or videos which get customised according to the user’s searches, interests and findings. The latest move is clearly aimed at amplifying the video content on the platform to enhance the consumer usage and better accessibility of information.

As part of its consumer retention objectives, Twitter has been introducing more features and updates on the platform taking into conideration user feedback and their liking. In Agust this year it pulled the plug on fleets whch allowed users to post content that would disappear after 24 hours and was reportedly mocked as Twitter’s response to Snap and Instagram stories. After it failed to generate attention and reach, the platform removed it from the application.

Meanwhile Twitter has claimed to have constantly working towards testing new features to augment user engagement.