Drones to be shot down, no mobile phones allowed at the wedding venue, guests to go on Ranthambore tour, no photographs to be leaked, and so on. If only we could not know what all these relate to. But fortunately *pun intended* we have all been a part of the not so hush Bollywood wedding of the year. #VickyKatrinaWedding the hashtag has been trending for days and we all know why.

Millions are waiting in anticipation for the wedding pictures to appear online while a lot could be seen annoyed by the constant outpour of media reports about the trivial details of the wedding. It’s raining Vicky-Katrina Ki Shaadi on social media, quite literally, complemented with frequent memes talking about how most of the netizens feel to thwart more wedding details. The annoyance of a few and excitement of others could be felt through memes and people’s reactions and our favourite creators arent behind in expressing and reacting on the #VickyKatrinaWedding.

Bollywood Weddings have always garnered limelight from the paparazzi and fans to become the talk of the town. From Ashish Chanchlani to Dolly Singh and Viraj Ghelani to The Baji’s, everyone seems to have to feel a similar ‘disappointment’ on the ‘Shaadi’ where Chanchalani could be ‘clearly’ seen annoyed with the hullaballoo around the wedding. Joining the bandwagon is Viraj Ghelani who urges people to be unbothered by the wedding and stop over-glorifying it.

Meanwhile, Dolly Singh mocks the ‘drones’ shot captioning it a sting operation and Rohan Joshi talks about how over-whelmed he is after getting back from the social media meltdown for the Vicky-Kat wedding.

More creators including Gaurav Kapoor, Ankush Bahuguna, Akash Banerjee, Sukriti follow.

Ashish Chanchlani

Dolly Singh

Rohan Joshi

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Gaurav Kapoor


Viraj Ghelani

Akash Banerjee

The Baji’s