Twitter is now working on a feature that will allow its users to react to Tweets. Earlier this year Twitter had launched “like ❤️” animation in which the like button pops up with a “+1” animation whenever a tweet receives its first like. 

Similarly Twitter will be adding the reaction emojis to allow its users to express their expression for a particular tweet. In a recent tweet by a popular tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong, she has mentioned, “Twitter is working on Tweet Reactions view” 
“Likes”, “Cheer”, “Hmm”, “Sad”, “Haha” are some of the reactions that Jane Manchun Wong has mentioned in her tweet.

The layout for what might be the newly added ‘Reactions’ tab can be seen in the tweet above. 

By rolling out Tweet Reactions, Twitter will be resonating with Facebook’s react to status feature. But in all probability this feature will be a constructive addition to the platform’s user interface. However, just like several other features, the feature remains a Work-In-Progress (WIP) and no confirmation has been received about its official release.

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