Kolkata duo, Aneesah Ukani, and Kanka Das are the heartthrobs of Instagram. They have a wide network of followers who absolutely love consuming their entertaining content. Even the harsh times don’t deter them from enjoying life to its fullest. Recently, they created some crazy reels on trending tracks which boosted netizen’s energy like anything. Whenever they create something together, it’s always amazing! Instagram reels are proof of that. Both of them love to do artistic content based on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. They sure know how to dance, pamper, and have a gala time.

Are you ready to sway your body like Aneesah and Kanka? Then here’s their 8 trippy reels for you!

  1. Best Friend
  1. Bootylicious
  1. Gimme More
  1. Let’s Kill This Look
  1. Up
  1. Stop, Drop and Roll
  1. Heartbreak Anniversary
  1. Hate

What do you think about their steps? I know you must be thinking like that was so cool! These hotties nail the trends every time with their smooth as honey performance. I wish to see more such reels from them! Are you guys with me? Let’s bombard their Instagram with unconditional love then. On Instagram, Aneesah has grabbed 135K followers already, and Kanka’s followers have reached 99.8K followers. So don’t wait guys and start supporting them!