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The long-awaited launch of Twitter mobile advanced search filters, which will provide you with a variety of new filters and options to focus your Twitter search, is almost here.

The tweet given below was shared by social media analyst Matt Navarra that showed how Twitter’s mobile advanced search will provide you with a variety of extra qualifiers for your query, such as:

  • Accounts mentioned
  • Date ranges
  • Mentions
  • Hashtags
  • Like and retweet counts

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The Advanced Search tab on the desktop (which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Advanced Search‘ option in the Search box after conducting a keyword search) has all of these qualifiers that are already included in the app up until now.

Navarra adds that you may utilize these extra search criteria when you run a tweet search on a certain user’s profile, which might assist you to track down that one tweet from that particular user.

Tweeter-in- Among many other features, CEO Elon Musk has promised to enhance in-app search, and as previously said, Twitter has been working on potential upgrades over the past few weeks.

Users probably won’t have to wait very long because of Elon’s “hardcore” engineering methodology, which appears to have a short time between testing and implementation.

It could be a valuable addition to your Twitter process!