Earlier this year Twitter launched Twitter Spaces, a space where “live audio conversations happen.” Spaces is Twitter’s way to keep up with the rising trend of live audio platforms.
Creating and joining a Space is simple. For joining, all that one needs to do is click on an active Spaces tab on the top (where fleets used to be) and join. When it comes to creating a space, users can click on the ‘+‘ button and create one themselves.

Twitter is now updating the Spaces feature. The new update will allow the hosts to assign up to two co-hosts thereby making it easier for hosts to manage, moderate and run the audio space.

After being assigned, co-hosts have almost the same privileges as the host. Co-hosts can help invite speakers, manage requests, remove participants, pin Tweets and more!

However there are a few limitations. One co-host cannot invite a second one. Furthermore the co-host cannot end the live room. That authority lies solely with the host. 

The co-host feature has also expanded the maximum number of participants that can talk simultaneously in a Space. Spaces can now have one host, two co-hosts, and ten active speakers in a room at once.

With this new feature becoming a part of Twitter’s interface, users will now find it easier to keep a Space under control specifically when the groups are enormous.