Agasthya Shah is back with another YouTube video. He has been on a roll and we, as a part of his audience, love it. His content has not only been interesting but also full of positivity and entertaining. You can’t help but have a constant smile while consuming his content. That’s how his personality transports through his videos. The video in spotlight today is titled, ‘Guess The YouTuber’ Challenge. It features Taneesha Mirwani, Archit Meher and Tarini Shah along with him.

Round one has Agasthya and Tarini against each other. Each of them has to ask the other questions and guess, among the list of YouTubers that they have on the page, which one has the person selected. Round two has Archit against Taneesha. While someone gets tricked, someone wins and the other lose. Guess who by tapping and watching this video right away!

I hope you liked the video and gained some insight regarding influencers. I love how the group stays intact and curates fun content for us. I also gain inspiration from how well they’re doing at such a young age. They are true influencers, indeed who preach hard work, consistency and dedication through their work. Well, if you want to watch more of Agasthya’s videos, tap HERE to consume the content he has curated, especially for you. And if you want to read another article featuring Agasthya Shah, you can tap HERE to do the same! Happy reading, y’all!