According to Twitter Business, after a few months of testing, Twitter has now made its new “Link Spotlight” feature available to US-based professional accounts.

This feature allows brands to add a URL with a customizable CTA button to their profile in the app. As you can see in this sequence, “Link Spotlight” is now an option in your professional profile settings, and you want to add another feature element to your Twitter profile display.

After making your selection, you can enter a destination URL and select a label for your CTA button.

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The CTA options, at launch, are:

  • Book an appointment
  • Listen now
  • Make a reservation
  • Read now
  • See now
  • Stream live
  • View menu
  • Watch Now

So it should go without saying that some of these are directed at creators and direct profile visitors to view your content. However, the choices also offer various referral traffic generators that might aid in increasing response for businesses.

In any case, it’s another thing for Professional Account managers to think about since they can also add a Location Spotlight, a Shop Module, and app links using specific buttons on their profile display.

You can activate your new Link Spotlight on your profile, which will be visible above your tweet timeline, once you’ve chosen your CTA message.

Link Spotlight
Image Source: Social Media Today

There are a few viable options to aid in traffic generation, but you can’t just throw in any link you like. for instance, a link to your own website

The CTA button will not specifically link through to your pages, which is a little disappointing considering that you can already include a link to your own website in your main profile options.