The digital world constantly reminds us of its dynamicity and how quickly the tide changes. It was not long ago that Meta’s Threads was breaking records. In a whirlwind of events, social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has witnessed a surge in downloads, securing the numero uno position in the US. It is speculated that the increase in downloads is driven by two major occurrences: the alleged leaked semi-nude video involving Canadian rapper Drake and the anticipation surrounding Tucker Carlson’s upcoming interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Drake’s Alleged Semi-Nude Video Creates Social Media Storm

The internet was set ablaze when a purported semi-nude video of Drake surfaced on X. The video quickly became one of the top trends on the platform, captivating netizens and fans alike. Speculation ran rampant regarding the nature of the clip, with some suggesting it could be related to unreleased music or an upcoming project.

Increase in Twitter downloads because of Drake controversy and Putin's interview


Among the many reactions to the viral video, popular streamer Adin Ross, who has collaborated with Drake in the past, expressed his astonishment in a voice memo addressed to the rapper. Ross praised Drake’s talents and achievements while acknowledging the unexpected nature of the video.

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Tucker Carlson’s Exclusive Interview with Putin Fuels Twitter Downloads

Simultaneously, the announcement of Tucker Carlson’s forthcoming interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin sent shockwaves across social media. Carlson’s promise to air Putin’s first interview with a Western media outlet since the Ukraine conflict triggered widespread anticipation and discussion on X.

Increase in Twitter downloads as a result of Drake controversy and Putin's interview

Social Media Platform Surge

The combined impact of Drake’s alleged video leak and Carlson’s interview announcement propelled X to the top of the US App Store charts. Downloads of the platform skyrocketed as users sought to stay updated on these high-profile events and engage in discussions with others.

The convergence of events surrounding Drake’s alleged semi-nude video and Tucker Carlson’s exclusive interview with Vladimir Putin has ignited a social media frenzy, driving unprecedented activity on platform X. As users continue to speculate and engage with these developments, the power of social media to shape conversations and influence trends remains undeniable.