The internet couple sensation known as the Pink Shirt Couple has been popular for wearing the same pink outfit every day. This couple had gained a large following on Instagram and their dedicated YouTube channel thanks to their enthusiasm and persistent dedication to sharing cute and engaging content. In a shock to their fans, Cayden Christianson and Alyssa Eckstein announced their breakup in a YouTube video last week called, “We Broke Up.

Still wearing their signature pink, the two sat on a bed facing the camera to make the announcement. “Hi, I really don’t know how to start this,” says Alyssa at the beginning of the video. “I don’t, either,” adds Cayden. “We did break up, as a couple,” he explains. “We’re still really close as friends and care very deeply about each other.” The YouTube video has about 1.7 million views currently.

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What The Announcement Stated

After the ACE Family’s separation, this news hits hard. Cayden acknowledged that the couple’s fans have noticed his absence recently and expressed concerns about where he’s been. They explained that they just needed some time to process the break-up before it was announced.

In the video, he shared the reason behind the decision. “I think as individuals, as I said, the important thing is working on yourself, and when the other significant other doesn’t provide that or help better themselves or the other person, I think they might need time for themselves or apart, and I think that’s what’s best for us,” he said.

“Doesn’t mean change is bad. Change is good. You have to learn to grow” he added. The couple then hugged and in their emotional state Alyssa said, “I still love and care about you so much and I just want the best for you, and I also want the best for me.

She also shared the fact that she moved out of her home with Cayden, which the couple has listed on Facebook as being the unincorporated Phoenix suburb of Waddell. They spoke about Cayden being involved in a car accident as well but that it was unrelated to their break up. “His car was totaled and he had a bruise under his eye“, Alyssa said.

Cayden revealed that he would be creating his own channel now with the name “Pinkshirtsingle.” Fans are now eager to watch the two produce content on their own. The duo ended their latest video on a sweet note by sharing jokes with each other.

Fans’ Reactions

Cayden and Alyssa’s breakup has left their fans feeling super sad and disappointed because they enjoyed their content together. The couple’s fans expressed their support for the breakup video, which has more than 22K comments.

I was devastated to hear about the breakup, but I hope that you both find happiness and fulfilment in your lives moving forward. Sending love and support your way,” one follower wrote. Another lauded them saying that “the important thing is that they both had the courage to do what they felt was best for them.”

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A third praised the couple’s demeanour during the video, saying: “The fact that they are not sad, not blaming each other and not speaking rudely is very good and a bit comforting.”Honestly, you got to do what you got to do and I support you both. Just know we all love you whether you’re together or not!” wrote another fan.

Their Love Story

Cayden and Alyssa had already become familiar with the world of content sharing before they met in February 2021, with the former writing about Airsoft games and the latter about braiding. As swim team members in college, the two became friends. They both soon realized they had the same dream of creating content as they were falling in love.

They began creating TikTok videos together, went live on camera, and built a fan base by competing in Rubik’s Cube Wars. They believed they could creatively and financially follow their passion full-time by the summer of 2021. They learned a lot about analyzing data, editing, and developing a style that worked for them when they were releasing long and short-form movies on a few different channels.

The duo had reached a stage where they could “creatively and financially pursue their dream full-time.” They then relocated to Arizona where they continued to expand and publish material in March 2022. From expressly creating content for YouTube Shorts and Instagram, they amassed millions of followers and fans who loved being a part of their journey.

While this is quite an heartbreaking news for the Pink Shirt Couple’s fans, it is also what’s best for them. We look forward to watching their individual content going forward now.