Earlier this year India’s leading online company TVF (The Viral Fever) released a video teaser of what shows and new releases their ‘The House of TVF’ is bringing our way in 2021. Hands down when it is TVF it always means something good.


The first drop from the list is a show called ASPIRANTS.

Source: Quint

Aspirants is the name given to people who are ambitious and have a desire to achieve something. Resonating with its dictionary meaning the title (in India) is majorly associated with students preparing to crack competitive exams. India is a land of competitive exams, from hosting one of the largest exams in the world to hosting one of the toughest, India has it all. One such exam in this bunch is the ‘Civil Services Exam’, prominently heard as the ‘UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)’ which also serves as the conducting body for the services exam. ASPIRANTS is based on the same.

TVF isn’t a stranger to exam-oriented shows, it is a fact that their previous projects in this genre have done significantly well. Their production ‘Kota Factory’ which revolved around India’s biggest college entrance exam, the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE, received appreciation from every nook and corner of the country along with ratings that went through the roof!

Source: TVF

ASPIRANTS is set in Delhi’s Rajendra Nagar locality, an area regarded as the Mecca of UPSC preparations. The plot of the show revolves around the story of three friends Abhilash (Naveen Kasturia), Guri (Shivankit Parihar) and Shwetketu/SK (Abhilash Thapliyal) all three of them being UPSC Aspirants. The story displays events from both the past and the present. The past is about the struggles, drama and mental tension the trio goes through while the present showcases the aftermath of what all the events in the past evolved into.

Sticking to their traditional roots, TVF once again sprinkles romance to add some spice to the protagonist’s life. Furthermore, the show also features a “loved by all” character in the form of Sandeep Bhaiya (Sunny Hinduja) which again is a TVF trademark.


The lone season of the web series has 5 episodes namely:

  • Episode 1: UPSC – Optional Me Kya Hai
  • Episode 2: Teacher Sahi Hona Chahiye
  • Episode 3: Positive Approach Rakh Yaar
  • Episode 4: Plan B Kya Hai?
  • Episode 5: Pre… Mains Aur Life | Season Finale

Unlike its predecessors, the series is not finale dependent rather the story is differentiated into smaller segments only to be integrated into the finale.

“UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the world with a success rate of less than 1%. As an Aspirant, you can’t ignore the fact that you might not crack it.” 
TVF’s ASPIRANTS has told this story with bravado.

The struggles, the pain, the merits, the friendship, the music and the motivation have all blended magnificently in TVF’S ASPIRANTS making it a must watch!