Tinder, the online dating app recently came up with two new initiatives to support getting vaccinated and mental health. By associating with Visit Health, Tinder is providing free mental health resources and therapy sessions from professionals. As a part of the vaccination drive, the dating platform is sharing educational guides, access to vaccine centers, and specially curated vaccine stickers. A panel of licensed medical experts is working with PharmEasy to spread health awareness with Tinder’s latest initiative.

Source: Tinder


The list of stickers introduced by Tinder are “IMMUNITY TOGETHER”, “VACCINATED, “VAXING SOON”, and “VACCINES SAVES LIVES”. Additional features of this initiative include a small myth-busting game, “Myth or Fact? Test Your Knowledge!” PharmEasy too shared some “Common Vaccination Myths.” Not only these, for your more understanding and knowledge, “What is a vaccine?”, “What are the Covid-19 vaccine(s) available in India?”, “How to get the vaccine?”, “What precautions should you take?”, and “Frequently Asked Questions”, all these queries have also been added. Now, you can also schedule your vaccine from Tinder’s Vaccine Center. Also, for clearing any more doubts, Tinder has attached certain articles that you can go through. For further information, tap HERE!

Mental Health

With the enabling of the mental health initiative, the free resources provided by Tinder consists of guided meditations, mental health podcasts,  fitness videos, and two therapy sessions. Available till July 31, 2021, the therapists are available across all major Indian languages. This is an absolutely great idea that can help users overcome their emotional states like depression, anxiety, stress, and so on. Btw, you can also set your health goals on the app!

Not only Tinder is ensuring online dating facilities, but maintaining the user’s well-being too. With access to vaccine centers and mental health features, the app is developing for the better. Kudos! We hope to see more such great initiatives in the future. Till then, happy swiping!