Sonu Kakkar’s song Qadar Na Jaani was released yesterday, July 12th, and is currently trending at No. 12 in the ‘YouTube Music’ category. It stars Rumman Ahmed, a model who has also been in a number of music videos, and Manjul Khattar, a content creator. It has received almost 5.5 million views (at the time of writing). So, shall we get right into it and talk about the song?

This beautiful song follows the tale of a nerd played by Rumman who is interested in the famous and cool guy played by Manjul. Although, he is seen to be with another woman. He takes Rumman for granted and does not value her, signifying the title of the song Qadar Na Jaani. Rumman still follows her heart until she is heartbroken. What happens next? It’s a twist that you must watch by tapping n this video right away!

This soothing tune is slow-paced and well-liked for its empathy. I, for one, have been through that, so it’s also a matter of relatability for me. The tale holds one’s attention, and the song follows suit, hitting just the right chord. I really like how melodic the song is. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a nice, soothing tune that I enjoy, so kudos to that.

If you liked this song, especially the ending of the video, do not forget to fill it up with love and support. This peaceful song goes into my playlist for the beautiful lyrics and soothing music it has. I hope the same goes for you. Here’s to celebrating music and Sonu Kakkar’s song! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article based on music that you should check out right away by tapping HERE!