While Covid-19 is this monstrous virus that has been dominating the world by scaring us to death, staying indoors has been the most difficult. We are most affected and our mental health is under the weather. While Covid is under our nose, quarantining has been the only solution to escape which is no piece of cake. Hence, here is an article that brings to you the 5 activities that I believe will make it easier.

1. Yoga

Yoga or exercising is known to release dopamine and endorphins in the brain to help us feel happier. And, every opportunity at being happy should be taken up and tried for we need it the most during these times. One of the most calming and soothing parts of Yoga is meditation. It helps to relieve any negative energy and makes us feel peaceful. It also helps us stay focused and God knows we need to use it for working from home.

2. Long Showers

Long showers are meant to make social isolation easier and it gives one the space for self-care which is of utmost need during these times. Play some nice music, be a bathroom singer or dance in the shower, you do you. But make yourself happy by doing what the heart wants. Plus, you’re less prone to infection given that you are showering so it is a win-win situation.

3. Creativity

Be it journalling, reading, singing, dancing, painting, or any other form of art that lets you express, use it. If nothing else, you get better at it and who knows you might have extra pictures or videos to post on social media platforms, if that’s your thing. Expression also works as an escapism into an alternate world so how about a breather away from the real world?

4. Video Calls

Seeing our loved ones faces can help us lift our mood even if it might not be anywhere close to meeting them in person. But talking to them, helping them and yourself to feel special and loved, or even if that means doing your own work while being on call, it is great. Because friends and family feel at home and their faces make us smile.

5. Binge-Watch

Watching sitcoms is the best way to spend the day as it involves you in the story which is far away from the real world. Also read, 5 Sitcoms to Watch During Quarantine. It helps you laugh out loud at the lamest of things and makes it really easy to be happy. So be happy, take care of yourself and let the characters lighten your mood.

Hope this helps, we are in this together!