Music has a remarkable way of bringing people together, transcending borders and cultures. However, in a world where social media is an amplifier of voices and opinions, even the sweetest melody can sometimes be drowned out by a very bad controversy. Such is the case for Canada-based Punjabi singer and rapper Shubhneet Singh, aka ‘Shubh‘, who was all set for a grand concert in India until one of his Instagram stories set him off in a firestorm of controversy.

Shubh kicked off his musical journey by making small waves that quickly grew into a tsunami of popularity. His journey to stardom happened in the blink of an eye, all thanks to catchy songs like ‘Elevated,’ ‘Still Rollin,’ ‘Cheques,’ ‘OG,’ and many more. These songs not only proved he had serious musical skills but also struck a chord with listeners from all around the world. However, things have taken a different turn now, leading to a rather downfall.

In this blog, let’s delve into the details behind this unfolding drama surrounding his upcoming India tour, which led to this massive backlash, including the surprising decision of Indian cricketing legend Virat Kohli to hit that ‘unfollow’ button and the consumer electronics brand boAt’s withdrawal of its sponsorship, along with many more events that unfolded in the aftermath.

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The Instagram Story that Ignited the Spark of Controversy!

Imagine a world where a single tap on your phone screen and all prying eyes on your every move can create a tidal wave of reaction. Well, Shubh found himself in precisely that situation on March 23, 2023, when he shared two Instagram stories that ignited a fierce controversy. These stories featured a distorted map of India, notably missing Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, accompanied by the caption ‘Pray for Punjab.’ The content of these stories, which became the center of the storm, not only captured the attention of his followers but also triggered various reactions from many sides.

The influence of social media in spreading messages and sparking action is undeniable, and this Instagram story didn’t just upset; it also led to a lot of people criticizing him online. Hashtags criticizing Shubh’s actions became very popular on different platforms, and people engaged in passionate arguments in the comment sections. This shows how social media can turn small issues into significant problems in no time.

Shubh Instagram Story for Punjab controversy

Virat Kohli and Other Fellow Cricketers Unfollow Shubh!

In the world of sports, cricketer Virat Kohli and his words often carry substantial weight. He had once hailed Shubh as his favorite artist and their social media interactions had added a touch of celebrity sparkle to Shubh’s image. However, in the aftermath of the Instagram story given above, something extraordinary happened – Virat Kohli unfollowed Shubh on social media! This move sent shockwaves through the online community.

The influence of celebrities in shaping public perception plays a significant role and cannot be understated. In this case, soon after Virat, other Indian cricketers like KL RahulSuresh Raina and Hardik Pandya, who had also previously expressed their admiration for Shubh, collectively decided to unfollow him on social media platforms, signaling their disapproval of the behavior showcased by him.

BoAt Announces Its Withdrawal of Sponsorship!

BoAt, a well-known Indian electronics brand, made a significant decision by withdrawing its sponsorship for Shubh’s India tour. The reason behind this move? It all comes down to that same story he had posted earlier this year, a story that ignited a firestorm of controversy. This decision has been taken in light of Shubh’s alleged support for Khalistan, a controversial issue that has been going on between Canada and India.

In an official statement shared on social media, boAt explained their decision, citing the singer’s controversial statements that were interpreted as supportive of Khalistan. The company stated, “At boAt, while our commitment to the incredible music community runs deep, we are first and foremost a true Indian brand. Therefore, when we became aware of the remarks made by artist Shubh earlier this year, we chose to withdraw our sponsorship from the tour“.

In this story that intertwines music, social media, sports, and sponsorship, it’s evident that controversies have the power to overshadow even the most shining talents. Shubh’s once-promising journey to stardom is now tangled in uncertainty and the repercussions of his actions. The question lingers: can his career find its harmony once again, or will this controversy leave a lasting mark as the world watches?