The Ourange Juice Gang, comprising a talented group of young content creators, Saurabh GhadgeNeelKaran Sonawane (@focusedindian), Shravan KshirsagarSidhant Sarfare and Shubham Jadhav, have unveiled their latest track, ‘Ourange Juice Gang Anthem’ that encapsulates the essence of their collective identity.

Earlier this year, the Gang performed on their original hit, Jinklo, which had previously caught the attention of Ranveer Singh. The actor impressed by the OJ Gang’s musical style, had earlier performed Jinklo during Meta Creators Day: Mumbai.

After the remarkable success of Jinklo, a milestone marking Neel’s 1 million followers and a track from a creator to the creators, the group has taken another leap by launching the anthem. Composed by  Karan Kanchan, the anthem that is born out of the collective success of the Ourange Juice Gang, resonates with the flow style of renowned Indian Hip Hop artists, particularly inspired by DIVINE.

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The OJ Gang Anthem was officially launched on November 28th in Mumbai, with notable social media stars in attendance, including, Ankush BahugunaRJ KarishmaKhushaal Pawaar, Malhar KalambeFunchoPranit Shilimkar (@fitnesstalks_with_pranit) and Shiv Thakare amongst others. The Anthem song was unveiled on the projector which captivated the audience along with the Ourange Juice Gang’s live performance.

The Ourange Juice Gang Anthem launch event mumbai
Social Nation was at the Anthem launch event and it was an absolute rager!

The Ourange Juice Gang has been a force to reckon with since 2021, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape. With their unique blend of wit, laughter, and relatable content, these creators have captivated audiences across platforms. What began as individual content curation back in 2015 has blossomed into a collective that has garnered widespread recognition and popularity, winning millions of hearts in the digital content ecosystem.

Watch their latest anthem for a musical experience that captures and celebrates their journey & the spirit of the dynamic group!