These days, it feels like artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the internet!

AI tools allow users to edit images, produce videos, and create works of art. It helps users add a new perspective to their pictures and selfies, as their capacity to go above and beyond has been one of the joys of their content-producing, adventurous lives.

This feature uses machine learning to generate graphics based on photographs submitted, allowing millions of creators to interact with artificially intelligent versions of themselves this month.

It has turned out to be a recent craze among the creators: definitely designing personalized avatars utilizing the AI feature that creators can use for amusement in the multiverse. Then, based on their faces, the creators create images in many artistic genres, such as “anime” or “fairy princesses.”

Some of the best #AI Trends to watch out for:

Akanksha Jindal

Alanna Panday

Ruma Sharma

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Simran Bawa

Ritika Badiani

Shikha AKA thatsheengirl

Nagma Mirajkar