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In the world of social media, Akanksha Sharma gets her followers captivated, all thanks to her enormous talent and originality, which have allowed her to amuse many people and win their hearts.

This girl has a tonne of expressiveness inside of her that she uses to express herself through dancing. Without a doubt, she demonstrates her ability to be wholesome entertainment, and she never fails to add her unique flavor to her favorite playlists with style and a few twists.

Her love for dancing has inspired her to work wonders on the dance floor. Her unmatched, breathtaking skill can be evaluated in terms of technique, musicality, fluidity, and energy!

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Akanksha is largely known for her hip-hop and Bollywood dancing. Every time she dances, she surely creates magic; from her expressions to her precise moves, she is undoubtedly an inspiration to all dancers.

She also has a YouTube channel – Akanksha Sharma, where she displays her dancing skills and enjoys a large following. She has performed choreography for hit songs including – Dance meri Rani, Jashan-E-Bahara, Katiya karun: Rockstar, Dhaakad, Barso re, and many more. Akanksha is one of the select few who has successfully touched her audience’s hearts.

Enjoy yourself as you scroll and watch the dancer’s moves.

The dancer-duos you can’t miss!

#LiveItUp Hook-step!

Rider, Rider chal wheelie maar!

The aesthetically soothing dance we all love!

She is setting the stage on fire with her killer moves!

Akanksha X Raseeka Ahirey & Prachi Bisht!

Akanksha undoubtedly has a loyal following because he is one of the most beloved and dedicated followers.