The content creator landscape in India is booming, with millions of people creating content for a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. India’s thriving digital ecosystem comprises content creators who are producing high-quality content in a wide range of genres, including fashion, comedy, lifestyle, gaming, education, and more.

They are using their platform to entertain, inform, and inspire their followers. Creators today are not sticking to one niche. They are also experimenting across genres and trying their hands at various content formats to keep their followers engaged and offer them something new. As an audience, we always appreciate unique content, the kind that entertains and makes you smile after a long day. And we came across two of the coolest creators who do just that: Subiksha Shivakumar and Dheeraj Reddy.

Subiksha and Dheeraj cooking with S&D fashion models content creators

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About S&D

Subiksha and Dheeraj are both fashion models/content creators. They have individually been a part of many brand shoots, posed for labels, attended the hottest fashion events and more. Both of them have a very striking and edgy style, it’s street, chic, and bold. Subiksha is an avid makeup aficionado as well. She keeps experimenting with various styles, designs, colour palettes and always creates something distinct. Since the past few months, Subiksha and Dheeraj have started a pretty cool series on Instagram Reels called “Cooking with S&D.”

The Creator Chefs

This series is just unlike any other. They whip up interesting cocktails and munchies showcasing some super fun skills, making it a very entertaining watch. Whether it’s testing out their own recipe or recreating one from the internet or inviting their creator friends to make something they like, Subiksha and Dheeraj know how to keep it interesting.

And the fact that makes these reels engaging is both the models’/ creators’ poker face style accompanied by trending music. While making and narrating the recipe they follow this typical format, now signature to their cooking reels, of looking straight into the camera with awkward zoom-ins. That too while wearing sunglasses always, pretty dope we’d say. What’s another noteworthy fact is that they still showcase their fashion game throughout the series.

P.S. Like their reels have the disclaimer, Drink Responsibly, you adults.

The Episodes

Subiksha and Dheeraj started the “Cooking with S&D” series by creating a chicken sandwich and roasted veggie salad. The very first episode was dedicated to munchies and appetizers. They also mention all the ingredients in the caption while the reel describes the cooking method and process.

In the next episode, they wanted to make themselves a drink before they stepped out. Both of them donned their sunglasses as they created a refreshing blueberry cocktail with amusing reactions. Dheeraj is quite the “ice break-er” (See what we did there? Haha)

S&D were getting in the groove third episode onwards. The reel began with Dheeraj saying, “Another day” and Subiksha completed the statement by adding “Another drink.” This became a constant through all their eventual episodes. They made a pineapple orange drink while adding some artsy touches to it. How cute is that pineapple heart?

This fourth episode literally went from chaos to creative genius! What started with the idea of creating a vegan tiramisu turned into a protein tiramisu waffle. This was hands down one of their most interesting recipes to watch – a healthy waffle topped with peanut butter, almond yogurt, bananas, dark chocolate granola, cinnamon, jaggery powder, salt, and dipped in coffee. They loved it so much that they forgot to film their reaction!

Subiksha and Dheeraj also roped in their creator besties to make drinks with. In the sixth episode, they were joined by Prathiksha Shetty who made them a spicy, jalapeno gin drink. This reel just screams “cool!” The drink was a favourite across, getting the best ratings from all 3 creators.

Matcha has become the newest trend on the internet with everyone wanting to try various drink combinations with it. S&D were joined by Krishen Riyat, or as they call him, the matcha connoisseur. They whisked up yet another 10/10 gin drink with matcha, blueberry crush, orange juice and crushed ice. Also, don’t miss the end.

Subiksha and Dheeraj learned how to make an ABG drink with Ikisvon Jamang in the twelfth episode. An Asian Baby Girl cocktail, that’s made with Yakult. The whole reel is such a vibe with Ikisvon taking charge of her recipe. And what a different recipe too.

Aren’t the best kind of cooking videos the ones where you feel you could make this recipe too and you immediately share it with your friends while planning to cook the next time y’all meet? That’s exactly what we felt while watching Subiksha and Dheeraj create all these stunning cocktails and munchies. The unique Gen-Z style, fashionable looks, fun moments, everything made for such an entertaining binge. Keep it coming, guys!