In a move aimed at enhancing security and preventing impersonation, X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new ‘government ID verification process‘ for its paid users. This significant change comes as part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of the platform and promote healthy conversations among its users.

To implement this new verification system, X has partnered with ‘Au10tix‘, an Israel-based identity verification solutions provider. When users opt for ID verification, a pop-up message informs them that Au10tix may store their data for up to 30 days. This partnership underscores the seriousness of X’s commitment to ensuring the authenticity of its users.

It’s important to note that while ID verification is available in many countries, it is not accessible in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and the United Kingdom. This is likely because these regions have very strict rules about protecting people’s data and privacy.

X government ID verification

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Pros and Cons of X’s New Government ID Verification for Users!

The introduction of ID-based verification may seem like a good step, but right now, it doesn’t offer many benefits. According to X, one way they might use this verification is to control access to certain content based on a user’s age from their government ID. This suggests that X is thinking about ways to make sure people only see age-appropriate stuff.

Additionally, X has mentioned that it may consider implementing further measures to protect against spam accounts. While the company has not provided specific details about these measures, it’s clear that they are committed to safeguarding the platform from harmful activity. Interestingly, X recently also introduced an option for paid users to hide their checkmarks from their profiles. This feature allows users to have greater control over their verification status.

Users who complete the ID verification process will receive a verification badge on their profiles, indicating that their government ID has been verified. However, this badge is only visible when you click on the blue checkmark located on the profile page. Furthermore, X has stated that users who undergo ID verification will receive “prioritized support from X Services,” although the exact nature of this prioritized support remains somewhat unclear.

X verification mark

What’s in it for users of X’s ID Verification?

Looking ahead, X has plans to accelerate the review process for checkmarks if a user chooses to verify their ID. This means that verified users will have the flexibility to make frequent changes to their names, usernames, or profile photos without losing their checkmark status. This is a positive step toward providing verified users with more control and flexibility over their profiles.

It’s important to mention that, at the moment, X is only offering ID-based verification to users who pay for their accounts. This means that regular users don’t have access to these verification tools. This choice might make some people wonder if these security features are fair and available to everyone. It’s a valid concern about how open and equal these measures are for all users.

Back in April, X decided to stop its old verification program. This move led to the removal of those checkmarks you see on some accounts. But because it caused a lot of confusion and upset among users, the company changed its mind. They brought back the checkmarks for the most important and influential users. This shows that these checkmarks are seen as a way to make sure famous and influential people are who they say they are on the platform.

Recently, X, also made a big change to its privacy rules. They now have the power to gather your biometric info (like fingerprints or face scans), details about your education, and your work history. They say they’re doing this to help connect accounts to real people by checking government IDs. Their main goal is to stop people pretending to be someone else and make the platform safer.

x latest update for Premium users

In conclusion, X’s introduction of government ID-based verification for paid users represents a step toward maintaining security and authenticity on the platform. While the exact benefits of verification remain somewhat unclear, the company’s commitment to sustaining a safe and genuine online environment is evident. As X continues to evolve and refine its verification processes, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact the overall user experience and the platform’s ability to combat impersonation and spam