Zach King is an American, Los Angeles based internet personality, filmmaker, and illusionist. Zach gained popularity with his “magic vines”, which were six-second digitally edited videos. In 2013, he also won YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest. Currently Zach is a renowned personality across all social media, with over 20 Million followers on Instagram and over 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Zach’s magical content (pun intended) has bowled us over several times and will perhaps continue to do so for eternity. Speaking of magic, let’s have a look at the best videos of Zach King. Our top picks.

Furniture Optical Illusions – Zach King Magic

These Furniture Optical Illusions remind you that life isn’t always as it seems. Who better than the master of illusions himself shows it to us. 

Satisfying Water Illusion Tricks w/ Zach King

Zach King explores satisfying water magic and teaches us how to create instant ice, a new water pet, and get rid of a brain freeze from eating too much ice or cold slushy too quickly!

I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Magic Trick

Mind reading through the screen is impressive. Watch Zach King do exactly that and even teach us how it is done. 

Amazing Rubik’s Cube illusions – Zach King

A Rubik’s cube in itself can get confusing for people let alone the Illusions. Watch Zach pull off some of the best Rubik’s cube Illusions in the video below.

A Magician Home Alone – Zach King Short Film

Home Alone is funny but a Magician Home Alone will be more than being just funny. Watch Zach star in this magical short film and do what he does best. 

Back to School Problems

Modern problems require Zach King type solutions!

Incredible Lego illusions by Zach King

Illusions are fun, so are Legos. When the two come together something incredible is bound to happen and this video proves it!