Aishwarya Mohanraj recently uploaded 2nd vlog with Samay Raina and Raftaar on her YouTube channel. In this video, she is seen to be shooting a rap for Netflix YouTube. The trio of rapper, stand up-comedian, YouTube streamer mark their highlight in this video and make it extra special. Aishwarya recently started vlogging but we can see her going a long way with the kind of content she brings to the table. So let’s sneak a peek into Aishwarya’s life, shall we?

The title ‘Did I Win 5 Lakhs?’ piques the interest of the audience. Was it a rap battle with a monetary prize? People who watched her initial vlog, however, know that this was Samay challenging Aishwarya to rap the lines for him. Was she victorious? Let’s find out!

This video includes all the lessons and drama you need, from Raftaar talking about rhythm and poetry and detailing how Aishwarya requested him to follow her to Samay Raina snatching a bag to fit his shoes. We also got a sense of how difficult it is to shoot on set. With Aishwarya trying to enact a scenario with her father and laughing uncontrollably, and Aakash grading her rap, this video has everything you need for a good time. So, with drama, shots, entertainment, and some of our favourite individuals in the movie, there are plenty of reasons for you to watch the vudeo. Enjoy it by tapping it right away!

I hope you liked the video and had fun, especially with the story of how Aishwarya asked Raftaar to follow him. She’s slaying with these vlogs and we can’t wait to see more videos. If you haven’t watched her first vlog, tap HERE to read an article featuring the same and watch it right away!