Slayy Point is a YouTube channel jointly run by Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale which is famous for its hilarious takes on everyday subjects. The duo believes in making fun videos on millennial friendly topics.While we are on the subject of fun. Let’s have a look at the best of Slayy Point. Our top picks.

Quitting YouTube For Instagram Reels

We know the rise of short form of content is growing but had it not been for the rise we wouldn’t have gotten this hilarious video. 

Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage 

A lot of things are garbage as the term is subjective but this video is special as it gave rise to the famous “Binod” trend. 

Who Is BINOD? How We Created a VIRAL Meme

Binod breaking the internet was perhaps the most surprising accident we were fortunate enough to witness. Having said that, let’s have a look at the duo reacting to their creation, post the Binod aftermath. 

When A Desi Visits California USA

Are you even Indian if you haven’t converted foreign currency to rupees just to see how expensive it is. Watch this video and hilariously relate to a desi in the USA.

The Most Useless Apps Ever Made!

Not everything in the world is useful. It’s time we saw what’s useless especially when it comes to mobile phone apps. 

YouTuber’s Rich Lifestyle EXPOSED

Watch the video below and see Slayy Point expose the “rich lifestyle” of YouTubers.

Internet Destroys Indian Food

Good food equals good mood but not when the Internet ends up destroying it.

TikTok vs YouTube – Stop it now!

This was a battle which every Indian will remember for ages! 

How To Fight a Bodybuilder

There’s Slayy Point and Flying Beast in the video. One of the best crossovers gifted to us by YouTube

Indian Google Reviews That Shouldn’t Exist

We know reviews of a place are quite important but watch this video and see what all unimaginable places have been reviewed!

If you enjoyed these videos, don’t forget to check out Slayy Point for more!