Instagram recently updated its branded content tool. As per Instagram’s @Creators, “Our goal is to make the process of creating branded content as easy as possible for creators and we’re confident these updates will do just that.” From paid partnership labels to tagging brands, all these have been updated.

Now, let’s deconstruct the updated branded tool.

Use “Paid Partnership” Label Without Waiting for Brand’s Approval

All you need to do is create your content, add the brand and then post it to go live with the “Paid Partnership” label. After getting live, the brand will be notified and upon its approval, your post will be updated with the brand’s name.

Source: Roxanne (Instagram)

Add “Paid Partnership” Label Without Brand

Supposedly, you want to tag a particular brand to denote partnership but unable to do so, then simply add it on your own by sliding the “Paid Partnership” label toggle.

Source: Roxanne (Instagram)

Tag Multiple Brands

If you are collaborating with more than one brand, the updated branded content tool allows you to tag two brands per post with the “Paid Partnership” label.

These were the three new updates of Instagram’s branded content tool, which is a blessing for all creators, influencers, and especially the consumers. Now, apply it in your next brand collaboration without any worries!