Pulkit Kochar (@pulkitkochar) is one of the funniest content creators who believes in spreading smiles. Currently working for Netflix, Pulkit is also known for his work in FilterCopy. He is even an active creator on Instagram making hilarious reels which also feature his alter ego “Pookie“. 

Pulkit Kochar

While we are on the subject of laughter. Let’s have a look at the best Instagram Reels of Pulkit Kochar. Our top picks.

Network Struggle in Goa

When Someone Enters the Washroom Before You

That Friend Who’s Obsessed With Finance

Me Unmuting Myself to Fake Laugh

That Friend Who Can’t Say ‘No’

Life In 2021

How Lofi Songs Were Invented

Every Elder Sibling Ever

When Your Cab Driver Is An Atif Aslam Fan

Robbery During Work From Home

When Nobody Knows The Answer In Class

When Your Password Is 1234

How To Click A Candid?

The TV Remote Song

2 Types Of People In Chats

These were some of the funniest Instagram Reels by Pulkit Kochar. In case this was not enough, feel free to check Pulkit Kochar out on Instagram too by clicking HERE