Mumbai, January 2024 – The 1% Club, founded by finfluencer- entrepreneur Sharan Hegde and co-founder Raghav Gupta, is an exclusive members-only finance community for the rising middle class of India to achieve financial independence. The 1% Club started off with their flagship personal finance mastery by Sharan Hegde aka Finance with Sharan. After two years of operations, The 1% Club has now partnered with acclaimed creators and educators from across the country to expand into stock market and tax planning.

The Stock Market Wizardry program, which was co-created by Shashank Udupa, a renowned finance content creator with 500k+ subscribers and a former investment banker from IIFL Wealth. The Stock Market Wizardry program has taught more than 50,000 Students in the last one year and has now become the most sought after stock market education program in the country, where students are not only guided through recorded videos but also given a practical experience through a four-week guided bootcamp.

Now at the rearing end of the financial year 23-24 and the union budget in February, The 1% Club is now launching its new program – Tax Planning Strategy. Created in collaboration with noted Chartered Accountant and Advocate Rishita Motwani, this bootcamp aims to help individuals better understand taxation rules, implement strategic tax planning, and ensure optimised tax savings. 

With over 13 years of experience, CA Rishita Motwani is well-equipped to guide the community members through the often complex world of taxes. Her expertise encompasses a deep understanding of income tax sections, tax planning strategies, ITR filing, and more.

Sharan Hegde, Founder and CEO of The 1% Club shared, “The Indian Education System has failed to teach the current generation about money management. Our education only focuses on making money but without managing money it’s a tough journey to become financially independent. With this vision in mind, we’re thrilled to onboard and partner with CA Rishita Motwani for our newest program on tax planning strategy. Taxes impact all of us, but few truly understand how to implement strategic savings. Our first partnership with content creator Shashank Udupa received great feedback from our community and this amplifies our aim to build various programs across different finance subjects by partnering with the best of creators and educators across the country which has led to building an active growing community of more than 50,000 in less than two years.”

In less than 2 years, The 1% Club is the largest finance community in India with 50,000+ members

Raghav Gupta, Co – Founder of The 1% Club stated, “In the current light of the SEBI regulations, we were very diligent in scrutinising our partnerships . The followers count is not what we look at, but what we do look at is genuine feedback and experiences of people. Creators like CA Rishita and Shashank are the ideal Instructors for the programs given their rare blend of real-world financial experience. We look forward to partnering with more such creators and educators, so that we truly achieve our company’s aim of helping the growing middle class in achieving financial independence.”

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CA Rishita Motwani, Program Creator (Tax Planning)  expressed, “It’s an honour to collaborate with The 1% Club on this program. I have been an educator for the last 13 years and I was really impressed with what The 1% Club was doing. I wanted to be a part of the biggest finance revolution in India. I met Sharan a year ago and I have been working with him to perfect the personal finance mastery program and now I am super thrilled to launch the Tax Planning program. Together, we’ve built a comprehensive curriculum that unpacks taxation strategies typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy. This knowledge can help individuals at all income levels optimise their tax planning and achieve financial success.”

Finance Content Creator Shashank Udupa, Program Creator (Stock Market) expressed, “ Stock Market is a space where people are still either too afraid to enter or are oftentimes entering without any structured knowledge. The market is filled with unsupported recorded content. The stock market is a tricky subject and not what social media makes it out to be, that is why we designed a program that is more hands-on with live sessions because we believe true education happens when there is a 2 way communication between the learners and educators”.

The 1% Club is committed to making finance accessible for all. This new program adds to their growing catalogue of premium finance education led by industry experts. To learn more about the programs, visit today.

About The 1% Club – The 1% Club, led by Sharan Hegde and Raghav Gupta, is an exclusive community of people who collectively aspire to achieve financial independence. Moreover, The 1% Club goes beyond education and mentorship by providing entrepreneurial avenues. With a remarkable track record, The 1% Club has already made a significant impact where Sharan Hegde and Raghav Gupta have taught over 50,000+ people through The 1% Club.