Anupam Mittal, the founder of, recently launched an AI-driven tool called ‘DowrAI‘. Sharing the news through an Instagram video, Anupam Mittal claimed to make the dowry calculation process more straightforward. Dowry a social evil, which traditionally involves the bride’s family providing gifts to the groom as demanded by the groom and his family. As soon the news came out, people started bashing Anupam Mittal from promoting dowry, only to realise, there is more to the story. introduces Dowry Calculator called DowrAI

Initial Controversy

The introduction of DowrAI was met with controversy, as many perceived it as endorsing dowry. Anupam Mittal explained that the tool factors in modern considerations like investments, political views, and lifestyle choices to determine an individual’s ‘dowry worth’.

The Satirical Revelation

However, the tool’s true purpose is revealed upon use. Rather than providing a dowry amount, DowrAI displays statistics on dowry-related deaths in India, turning the tool into a powerful statement against the practice. This twist aims to raise awareness about the evil effects of dowry.

The Satirical Twist

Despite the initial backlash, the true intention behind DowrAI is revealed upon using the tool. Instead of providing a dowry figure, users are confronted with alarming statistics about dowry-related deaths in India. This clever twist transforms the tool into an awareness campaign against the dowry system.

DowrAI instead aims to shed light on the severe consequences of the dowry practice. Upon completing the calculation, users are presented with data indicating that 187,879 dowry-related deaths were reported in India over the past decade. The tool then prompts users to consider the value of a woman’s life and encourages them to join the fight against dowry.

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Public Reaction and Support

After understanding the true purpose of DowrAI, many people praised the initiative. Comments on Anupam Mittal’s post shifted from criticism to appreciation, recognising the tool’s innovative approach to addressing a critical social issue.

The Ongoing Issue of Dowry

Despite being illegal under the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, the practice of dowry continues to persist in India, driven by deep-rooted gender biases. In 2022 alone, the National Crime Records Bureau reported 6,450 dowry deaths, highlighting the urgent need for continued awareness and action against this harmful tradition.

Anupam Mittal’s DowrAI serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness about the dangers of the dowry system. By using a satirical approach, it encourages individuals to reconsider societal norms and join the movement towards gender equality and the abolition of dowry practices. Whether this marketing gimmick is correct or not, it is larger debate that can be understood by deeply understanding the marketing trends. However, the DowrAI has kickstarted a conversation around the practice of Dowry Indian.