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  • Instagram tests a new feature, “Content from Creators Like You,” which lets content creators explore trends and connect with others in their niche, fostering collaboration and providing valuable insights.
  • WhatsApp introduces “Instant Video Messages,” allowing users to send short, real-time video clips to enhance communication.
  • Elon Musk confirms “Dark Mode” as the only display option on Twitter, offering a more comfortable viewing experience with darker colors.
  • Reddit launches the “Official” label for verified users, increasing transparency and credibility within the community
  • Instagram rolled out the “Quiet Mode” feature, enabling users to customize settings for focused interaction and mindful usage.

Instagram testing “Content from Creators Like You”

Instagram has taken a significant step towards empowering creators with a new test feature called “Content from Creators Like You.” This innovative addition, found within the tips and resources section of the professional dashboard, aims to revolutionize the way creators engage with content on the platform. By providing a dedicated column showcasing content from others in their niche, creators can now keep a close eye on what’s trending and gain valuable insights into what their peers are doing within the community.

This promising update not only fosters a sense of collaboration but also opens up exciting possibilities for creators to explore and learn from each other. With easy access to the latest trends and resources in their niche, creators can stay at the forefront of innovation and creativity, further enhancing the quality and diversity of content on Instagram. As this feature undergoes testing, it has the potential to transform the way creators interact with the platform, fostering a supportive and thriving community of content creators.

Instagram - Content from Creators Like You

WhatsApp Introduces “Instant Video Messages”

WhatsApp has unveiled an exciting new feature called “Instant Video Messages,” transforming the way we interact with others on the platform. This innovative addition allows users to respond to chats in real time by sending video messages of up to 60 seconds. Instead of relying solely on text or recording longer videos, you can now express yourself instantly and precisely with short, personalized video messages.

The introduction of this update adds a whole new dimension to conversations, enabling users to convey their emotions, reactions, and experiences with more depth and authenticity. Whether they want to share a heartfelt message, a spontaneous reaction, or show a quick glimpse of their surroundings, this feature empowers them to do so effortlessly. Embrace this end-to-end encryption and its dynamic way of communication on WhatsApp and elevate your interactions by bringing your messages to life with the power of instant video!

Social Media Weekly Update - WhatsApp Instant Video Messages

Elon Musk Confirms “Dark Mode” as the only Twitter Display Option

According to a recent tweet by Elon Musk, an interesting announcement has been made regarding the popular feature “Dark Mode” on the social media platform Twitter. It will soon become the only display option for users. This mode is a setting that changes the color scheme of an app or website to use darker colors, making it easier on the eyes, especially in low-light environments. This dark mode has recently gained popularity among users who prefer a more comfortable viewing experience and reduced strain on their eyes during nighttime or extended use.

While this change might take some getting used to for those who are accustomed to the traditional light mode, it’s a step toward enhancing usability and accessibility for all Twitter users. So, if you’re a frequent Twitter user, get ready for this upcoming change and embrace the new look of “Dark Mode” as it becomes the default display option on the platform. Happy tweeting in a darker, more relaxed atmosphere!

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Reddit Launches ‘Official’ Label for Verified Users

According to Reddit Blog, Reddit will now feature an “Official” label next to certain usernames. The purpose behind this new label is to enhance transparency and enable Redditors, moderators, and communities to easily recognize verified organizations, ensuring trust in their authenticity. Importantly, the “official” label serves as a visual indicator of an authenticated profile and doesn’t grant any special privileges. Its main role is to provide assurance to the Reddit community that these users are indeed genuine, promoting credibility and creating a more trustworthy environment for all.

As clarified by Reddit, the label’s introduction is part of their ongoing commitment to enhance user experience and establish a clear and identifiable presence for organizations on the platform. With this change, Reddit aims to foster a more reliable and credible space for users, while allowing organizations to engage with the community in a trustworthy manner.

Reddit Official

Instagram Rolls Out ‘Quiet Mode’ Feature

According to Meta India, they understand the importance of staying focused on what matters most. That’s why they have decided to introduce “Quiet Mode” on Instagram. This new feature is designed to help users concentrate and set limits with their friends and followers. With this mode, users can easily customize the settings to fit their schedules. It’s especially useful for teens who want to focus on studying or while they’re at school. Parents can also use this tool to ensure their children use Instagram mindfully.

Instagram cares about users’ safety and well-being, and they aim to create a healthy online environment where teens, parents, and everyone else can enjoy their time on and off the platform. With their Safety and Wellbeing tools, Instagram is committed to making the platform a place where users can have quality time and stay focused on what’s important to them.

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