Snapchat announces its latest update, 3D Bitmoji on Snap Profiles on August 02, 2021! With this, the profiles get upgraded with a new look and dimension. Now, you can express your moods in a 3D way!

According to Snap Newsroom, there are “over 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures, and backgrounds to choose from.” From peace signs, prayer hands, scenic beaches to trendy animal print backgrounds, you have a lot of choices to match and celebrate as per your mood.

Snapchat users can access the 3D Bitmoji in Friendship Profiles, Group Profiles, and Public Profiles. Snap Newsroom further states, they can also “share their customized 3D Bitmoji with friends on and off Snapchat.” Tap HERE to customize your avatar style! For more information on how to operate it, tap HERE! Btw, do you know about Snapchat’s latest feature? If not, then check out Explore the World with Snapchat’s New Feature, ‘My Places’!