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Snapchat announced its new feature ‘My Places’ on July 28, 2021. With this, you would be able to explore the world on Snap Map with personalized recommendations from your friends and the global Snapchat community. Now, discover popular places, save your favourites, and see where you’ve visited!

Source: Snap Newsroom

‘My Places’ allows you to access around 30 million businesses and tap into their favourite local spots. Now, you can have a lookout over your fellow Snapchat users and connect more with your friends. Knowing about the events around the globe is now within a click of your finger! As stated by Snap Newsroom, “To check out My Places and see Popular locations near you, tap the new Places button at the bottom of your Snap Map.”

Source: Snap Newsroom

Snap Newsroom also revealed that Snapchat is coming up with more exploring features like “Layers from The Infatuation and Ticketmaster” on Snap Map. Here’s another article related to the app, Snapchat Announced Its Latest Deal with Universal Music Group. Enjoy reading!