Alanna Panday, fashion and beauty creator and the cousin of Bollywood star Ananya Panday, has been making waves on social media with her impeccable maternity fashion choices. As she embarks on her journey to motherhood with her husband Ivor McCray, Alanna’s stylish maternity outfits serve as a source of inspiration for GenZ moms-to-be, redefining maternity fashion with elegance and flair.

Alanna Panday redefines maternity fashion for GenZ moms-to-be

Setting Trends with Tube Tops and Flared Pants

In one of her standout looks, Alanna Panday effortlessly combines glamour and comfort by pairing a gold-toned sequin tube top with beige crochet flared pants. Her accessorising with statement jewellery and chic sunglasses elevates the complete, offering a perfect blend of style and practicality for expecting mothers.

Radiating Elegance in Mesh Dresses

Alanna Panday exudes grace and sophistication in a brown mesh dress layered over a bikini. Her choice of a shell-shaped clutch and sliders adds a playful touch, while her clean makeup enhances her natural beauty, making this look ideal for casual outings or beach days. GenZ moms can opt for shorts and crop tops under the mesh for their fashionable go-to outfit.

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Casual Chic with Co-ord Sets

Alanna Panday showcases charm and versatility in a white co-ord set featuring a halter-neck crop top and crochet pants. With complementing accessories and a chic hairdo, she epitomises casual chic maternity fashion, offering inspiration for GenZ moms-to-be looking for comfortable yet stylish options.

Maternity Elegance in Top and Skirt Sets

In a creation by designer Amit Aggarwal, Alanna epitomises maternity elegance with a structured top and draped skirt ensemble. Her choice of accessories, including layered necklaces and stacked bracelets, beautifully accentuates her baby bump, serving as lewks and turning into an inspiration of style and grace for expectant mothers.

Gorgeous Dresses

Be it millennial or a GenZ mom-to-be, dresses can never go wrong. Alanna Panday, the fashionista knows this and has embraced dresses during her maternity journey. For her recent trip to Rome, Alanna looked chic in a gorgeous and vibrant printed blue dress that she paired with chunky sunglasses and extraordinary gold jewellery, guiding Gen Z moms to become the ultimate fashion icon.

Alanna Panday’s maternity fashion journey exemplifies the fusion of style and comfort, offering GenZ moms-to-be a plethora of outfit inspiration for every occasion. From casual chic co-ord sets to elegant top and skirt ensembles, Alanna proves that pregnancy is not a hindrance to fashion but rather an opportunity to redefine it with confidence and flair.