Social Nation is back with a bang, and HOW! Last month, we brought you The Social Nation Show, streaming on Spotify and YouTube and produced by the industry leaders at Pod.One. Join us as we explore their personal and professional journeys, offering an unfiltered look at the heart of the Indian creator economy. If there is one creator who the masses have been dying to see on the Show, it is the National Patiala boy, Shehzaan Khan! And for our seventh episode, we fulfilled everyone’s wishes!

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Episode 07

So far you have gotten to know some of the famous creators like Dolly Singh, RJ Princy, Dharna Durga, Yahya Bootwala, and The 9TEEN, among others on The Social Nation Show. Next up, we have the Blush Boy, Shehzaan Khan! While we’ve witnessed his dancing prowess and killer smile, did you know how he achieved all this fame and love? Was it an overnight success or pure hard work? Let’s find out!

Breaking Free From The Corporate Life

Shehzaan’s early years were not typical and carefree. He started as a struggling student taking up the household responsibilities on his shoulders. After leaving college, Shehzaan took on different roles. He was a pizza boy at Dominos and later worked for companies like JP Morgan Chase and Apple UK. Even though he was successful in his career, he felt a strong calling towards the entertainment industry.

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Interestingly, while he was working odd jobs Shehzaan’s connection to the world of movies began unexpectedly through booking tickets, which led him as a stepping stone to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

On A Break In Andaman

Looking for a change and desire for more in life, he decided to take a break in the Andaman for 8 months. That’s where he found his passion for dance, which led him to teach dance in local schools as a new endeavour. However, he faced challenges such as hosting a dance class with 19 registered participants but only one attendee. But he did not lose hope and remained determined.

“That was the day when I decided that I will sell everything out in the city. I will go one by and cut to my birthday class that happened last year teaching ‘Laung Da Lashkara.’ I sold out Nesco which was 2,500 kids…” Now, that’s what you call success!

Building A Digital Empire

Reflecting on his digital journey, Shehzaan began with a humble 1.7k followers and put in a lot of effort to reach the milestone of 100K followers. This success motivated him to continue sharing his knowledge and inspiring others through dance.

Drawing Inspiration From King Khan

When asked about his inspiration, Shehzaan expressed his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan‘s charisma and fame. This admiration for the Bollywood legend drives his desire to attain a similar level of success through commitment and effort. He also aspires to work alongside his role model, Shah Rukh Khan, in the future.

While manifesting the ‘working along’ scenario, Shehzaan recalls a memorable encounter with the King Khan of Bollywood that left a lasting impact on him. He revealed his desire to play the role of SRK’s son in a movie. His strong commitment and focus on this goal showcase how big an SRK fan he is and his passion for acting.

Humorous Take On The Blushing Trend

The Patiala Boy also spilled the story behind the “Blushing Trend.” While teaching his moves in a dance workshop, an unexpected gesture from a student who blushed at him sparked a trend. Now whenever he takes a workshop, students of all ages start to blush around him, leading to humorous and awkward interactions online. And thus, the ‘Blush Boy‘ stuck.

The Cannes Red Carpet Experience

Cannes Film Festival 2024 was magical as we witnessed many Indian content creators take centre-stage at this grand event. Amidst nerve-wracking experiences like walking on the red carpet, Shehzaan Khan found himself in amusing and unforgettable situations. The dancer mistakenly stepped over Kelly Rutherford‘s gown while walking there. He emphasizes the significance of having the back of his friends and fans during such a prestigious occasion.

Building A Loyal Community

Having a loyal community and fanbase on social media platforms like Instagram requires dedication and consistency. Shehzaan believes in showing up daily, putting in the work, and following his instincts to create a lasting impact on his audience.

Shehzaan Khan’s journey from working odd jobs to achieving digital stardom is a story of perseverance and passion. Whether it’s through his dance routines, motivational talks, or travel adventures, he continues to captivate and inspire his audience, especially the ladies.

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