Shahrukh Khan, also known as the King Khan of Bollywood, is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and entertaining actors in the film industry. As we struggled to find ourselves tickets to the blockbuster Jawan, we entered the SRK universe to soothe our aching hearts. Not only has he ruled the hearts of millions with his romantic roles and exceptional acting skills, but he has also won them over with his quick wit and humour. Shahrukh’s interactions with his fans during Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions have become legendary, showcasing a side of him that adds to his magnetic personality. In this article, we delve into some of the most hilarious responses that Shahrukh Khan has given during his AMA sessions, highlighting his prowess in delivering witty replies.

No actor leaves a stone unturned to promote his films and Shahrukh is no different. The film promotions of Jawan have been in full swing. Recently, the team of Jawan also collaborated with Google India and in a never seen before promotional stint, released a surprise for fans. By clicking on a walkie talkie while searching for Jawan or SRK, one was in for a surprise. Be it larger than life promotional events or surprises with google, our favourite has to be an AMA session.

Right before his movie release or on a dull and boring day, Shahrukh Khan always finds a way to connect with his fans. His one-to-one AMA sessions are a bridge that connects the superstar with his dedicated fan following. However, during these sessions Shahrukh does not shy away from being cheeky and diffuses any situation by being inherently funny. Presenting some of his most hilarious AMA replies.

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When Asked About His social media preference

One fan stated the obvious on how Shahrukh prefers Twitter to Instagram to which he responded most candidly on why he does not choose Instagram, disclosing some secrets. 

Funnily declining bizarre requests

Shahrukh Khan’s romantic on-screen persona has made him the King of Romance. With words that struck a direct chord with our hearts, a fan requested the actor to show this magic beyond the screen. He responded just like how we would respond to our friends. Reminding how he is a human at the end of the day.

Shahrukh Khan and his funny AMA session

Dealing with Fan Requests

Fans often make extravagant requests during AMA sessions. One fan crossed the line and asked Shahrukh whether they could bite his lips to which Shahrukh responded by reminding him of basic oral hygiene.

AMA sessions by Shahrukh are funny AF

His Take on Salman Bhai

Shahrukh’s iconic film Pathaan was not only legendary because the actor broke a long hiatus with it but also because it marked the comeback of Bollywood’s two big Khan- Shahrukh and Salman. When a fan asked about Salman in the movie, he resorted to technology to bring humour to his response leaving us surprised at his extensive understanding of things.

On His Love for Food

Shahrukh is known for his love of food but little did we know he is a pizza fan too! When a fan asked him about his dinner menu, he humorously confessed pizza and that too not one or two but three pizzas.

The smart businessman

A fan recently asked Shahrukh for free tickets to Jawan along with his girlfriend. He being the perfect businessman that he is, took no time and did not hesitate to ask him to buy the ticket, after all, romance does not come cheap.

Dealing with His Children’s Questions

Even as a doting father, Shahrukh Khan can’t escape his children’s curiosity. When asked about Aryan’s girlfriend, he gave the most funny response, establishing why he is the king of witty replies. 

The over-ambitious fans

After his stellar performance in Jawan, a fan could not stop himself from asking about the sequel of Jawan to which Shahrukh replied in the cutest way possible, saying ‘bachche ki jaan loge kya?’

Epitome of grace

When a fan disliked Pathaan and reminded Shahrukh of his age and how he should retire, he seized the opportunity to demand respect from him based on his age.

We could go on as Shahrukh Khan’s AMA sessions provide a delightful glimpse into his personality—charming, witty, and down-to-earth but there are some constraints we need to follow as well. These hilarious responses not only entertain his fans but also demonstrate his ability to handle even the trickiest questions with grace and humour. Beyond being the King Khan of Bollywood, he is truly the King of Witty Replies in the hearts of his fans worldwide. Tell us about your favourite replies in the comments below.