Cosmofeed, a pioneer in content monetisation, introduces a groundbreaking Community Dashboard to empower creators and independent professionals in India. This unified operating system promises to transform the way they manage their digital ventures, providing integrated communication channels and valuable insights for maximising earnings.

In a game-changing move, Cosmofeed, a leading monetisation platform for creators and independent professionals, has launched a first-of-its-kind Unified Operating System known as the Community Dashboard. This visionary platform aims to assist approximately 80 million creators across India in monetising their content effectively on various social media platforms. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development.

A Centralised Hub for Digital Entrepreneurs

The newly unveiled Community Dashboard acts as a centralised hub, offering creators, freelancers, solopreneurs, and micro-entrepreneurs integrated communication channels. Its primary goal is to streamline their digital businesses and help them maximise their earnings. With this innovative tool, Cosmofeed is paving the way for a transformative Creators’ Operating System, which empowers creators with the tools, insights, and decision-making capabilities they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Vivek Yadav, co-founder of Cosmofeed, emphasised the broader mission behind this initiative. He stated, “Our mission goes beyond individual features; it’s about revolutionising how creators manage and thrive in their digital spaces. Through this transformative community dashboard, we are laying the groundwork for a groundbreaking Creators’ Operating System—a unified platform empowering creators to wield tools, derive insights, and make impactful decisions.”

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Streamlining Utilities and Enhancing Efficiency

The Community Dashboard provides creators with invaluable support in streamlining their utilities, managing content, and leveraging analytics to make informed decisions that boost their earnings. One of its key advantages is eliminating the need for creators to juggle between multiple tools for insights, audience communication, and community management, ensuring a seamless and unbroken experience.

Community Dashboard by Cosmofeed


Telegram Integration: Automation and Insights

The first platform to be integrated into this dashboard is Telegram. This integration allows creators to fully automate their subscription management, handling both active and inactive subscribers efficiently. Additionally, the platform communicates with members before their active subscription expires, reducing manual intervention, minimising churn, and increasing retention rates.

Furthermore, creators benefit from the comprehensive analytical insights that the Cosmofeed platform provides at their fingertips. These insights delve into various aspects, including landing page performance, conversion rates, subscriber demographics, and device usage trends.

Tailored Telegram Dashboard Features

The Telegram Dashboard offers creators a range of powerful features, including transaction tracking, discount coupon management, and customisable settings. This tailored approach ensures that creators have the tools they need to manage their channels effectively and gain valuable insights into their performance.

Community Dashboard- an integrated feature of Cosmofeed


Unlocking Monetisation Potential

Industry reports indicate that a mere 0.18% of creators in India currently possess the tools to monetize their products and services, often earning just INR 16,000 a month. Cosmofeed’s Community Dashboard and tech tools promise to change this landscape, enabling more creators to efficiently monetize their content.

A Vision for the Future

Cosmofeed envisions an ecosystem where creators can unify their utility products under a single umbrella, simplifying their digital business operations.

The company also has ambitious plans to expand upon this dashboard by integrating other prominent community platforms. The ultimate goal is to establish this as the world’s first global product, providing creators and independent professionals with a comprehensive toolkit. This next evolution is not just an innovation; it’s a significant step toward empowering creators to excel seamlessly in the digital age.

Impressive Milestones

Cosmofeed has already processed earnings worth over Rs 100 crore for more than 5,000 creators on its platform in the last fiscal year. This achievement underscores the platform’s commitment to enabling creators to thrive and prosper in their digital ventures.

Cosmofeed’s Community Dashboard represents a game-changing innovation in the digital landscape. By providing creators and independent professionals with integrated tools, insights, and communication channels, it is set to revolutionise how they manage and monetize their content. As Cosmofeed continues to expand and refine this groundbreaking platform, the future looks brighter than ever for digital entrepreneurs in India and beyond.