Shahrukh Khan has another reason to smile and this time it is not because of the compliments he received for his work. It is instead because of his son, Aryan Khan, who is soon to release his clothing line called D’YAVOL for the Indian market. As a supporting father, Shahrukh Khan is seen wearing outfits from the brand in the recent IPL match and is also the Brand Ambassador.

Shahrukh Khan who is known for his chocolate boy charm, wit and spontaneity, married Gauri Khan, the mastermind behind Gauri Khan Designs- a one-stop store to make your home a luxurious abode. And we aren’t surprised that the talent of the parents has passed down to the children as well.  

Shahrukh Khan ambassador for Aryan Khan in D'yavol

Recently, Suhana Khan, the daughter of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, was revealed as the brand ambassador for the beauty brand, Maybelline. The proud parents could not stop gushing at their daughter’s accomplishment. King Khan even took to his social media to compliment Suhana for her collaboration with Maybelline India and how she conducted herself throughout the event.

This time, it’s Aryan Khan, the elder son of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, who has made his parents proud. At such a young age, Aryan has designed a clothing brand named “D’YAVOL” which is a luxury streetwear brand in India and he has roped in none other than his father, Shahrukh Khan to be the Brand Ambassador for the brand.

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D’YAVOL is marketed as a limited-release luxury streetwear brand which will roll out its first collection on 30th April 2023. The brand released a sneak peek of its collection with an ad that features both Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan on its official Instagram page.

The short video showcasing the collection was released recently and within hours of its release, D’YAVOL has already become the talk of the town. The advertisement opens with Aryan Khan who is seen scribbling words on a blackboard and finishes it off by swiping red paint over it and walking away in what seems like disappointment and frustration. Shahrukh Khan then enters the scene and takes the red paint-laden brush and completes the slanting line with another, making it a cross. The cross was then highlighted and that’s how the logo of the brand was revealed. 

The video makes you think how Shahrukh Khan has the back of his children, both in real life and in “reel” life.

Going by the first look of the clothing range of D’YAVOL, it gives a dark grunge sort of a vibe yet showcases clothes that shout comfort. It is a unisex brand offering clothing options such as sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts. 

In his personal life, Shahrukh Khan is often seen dressed in athleisure wear, wearing clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Thereby, he seems like the most obvious choice to represent D’YAVOL, a brand dealing in comfort wear. Having the top star of Bollywood as your brand ambassador also helps in establishing oneself as a luxury brand. 

The short video advertisement is also directed by Aryan Khan himself, marking his directorial debut. We surely can say that he has done a fab job at it. This talented lad has so much more to offer and we cannot wait to see it all.