In the times of online advertisements of reels, what really stands out (quite literally) are Billboards.

Modern billboards are still a common form of advertising thanks to technological improvements that enable more imaginative and dynamic displays. With the rise in popularity of digital billboards, businesses may now display dynamic pictures and videos to draw in drivers and pedestrians who are walking by. Billboards can be customized to certain places and demographics thanks to targeted advertising and data analysis, which increases their effectiveness.

However, limits and restrictions have been put in place in some places due to worries about the environmental impact of billboards and the potential distraction they may cause for drivers. Despite these difficulties, billboards are nevertheless an effective tool for businesses seeking to connect with a large audience.

Advertising has come a long way and the 3D Billboards that were only visible in foreign countries have now made their way to India. It’s absolutely fun to see how ads can keep us engaged with beautiful visuals and storytelling.

Some of the billboards that have caught the eyes over the few years are-


 Bata is the first footwear brand in India to bring the disruptive format of 3D OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising. This is also the first one for Bata Globally.

In Bengaluru, the first-ever set-up was installed. Potential customers will find this hyper-realistic billboard to be a visual pleasure that grabs their attention right away. In the advertisements, there are trainers from a number of different brands, including Bata’s NorthStar and Power, a brand used for fitness. A moving skateboard, sneakers emerging from a shoe box, and a train of numerous sneakers are just a few of the animations that the 3D outdoor, designed to appeal to young audiences, effortlessly combines.

By using an anamorphic image content generation format, the 3D OOH billboard by Bata India appeared to be in three dimensions, which is visually appealing. By launching Sneaker Studios in more than 300 stores across the nation, Bata has highlighted the diversity of trainers it offers using this cutting-edge technology.

Being the first of its kind, the reactions to the advertisement were of amusement and people could be seen recording and capturing the advertisement.


At the bustling Gurugram Cyberhub, a magnificent red automobile appears, hovering in the air before rotating to reveal all of its features, stopping onlookers in their tracks. Two black cars join the red car in a blur of amazing effects and activity, and then they all disappear. The text “The New Hyundai Venue” appears in a sleek, rectangular box that emerges as the monitor goes blue.

The anamorphic 3D outdoor activation by Hyundai Motors generated interest in their brand-new vehicle, the Venue. People are halting, capturing the digital installation on camera, and sharing their selfies and videos online. Hyundai generated a lot of social media buzz thanks to its compelling and immersive content.

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Apple has won advertising with the most interesting ads of all time. It also makes sure that the user gets unmatched privacy and the brand has shown this in the best ways.

Apple’s advertisements are also the ones that can be seen on the same billboard for months. While the ad changes, the billboard remains the same- size-wise and location-wise.

Source: Bloomberg

An OOH campaign for a brand involves numerous strategic considerations. If a brand wants to run a reach or a frequency campaign, it will depend on its position in the market. While other phone manufacturers use a place for brief bursts simply for awareness, Apple has been running a high-frequency campaign because it has been using the same outdoor location for three or four years.


A 3D anamorphic display for Tanishq’s season of bloom collection, Live a Dream, was created by Inventech, a tech and content production business owned by Laqshya Media Group, at Bandstand Promenade in Bandra, Mumbai.

The billboard gives off the feeling of being in a magical, surreal location where white cloud puffs, lovely blooms and jewelry are released.

The advertisement’s immersive experience made people wonder and interact leaving a longer impact on people.

Brands are now delivering us blended reality experiences on billboards after providing us with VR and AR experiences on mobile devices.With the help of digital wizardry, the outdoors have become more imaginative and entertaining.

We are witnessing a steady increase in the DOOH inventory, which includes digital billboards, digital kiosks, elevator screens, and enormous TV screens in malls, airports, and other public areas. Because traditional billboards employ vinyl made of plastic, industry analysts believe the restriction on single-use plastic will increase the use of DOOH.