The Secret of the Universe Instagram account has long been a hub for imaginative and thought-provoking content, and their exploration reel is no exception. Delving into the realm of speculative fiction, they present a captivating reel that ponders the question, “What if humans suddenly disappeared?” In this enthralling video, they take netizens on a journey through the hypothetical scenario painted by the Secrets of the Universe, peering into a world devoid of humanity and unveiling the surprising revelations it holds. The reel soon became a hit, earning the title of being the viral video on social media.

The secrets of the universe viral video

Zachary L’italien

The viral video 

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach and the key to the internet is uniqueness and creativity. By tapping into these two factors, the secrets of the universe unlocked the viral video jackpot. In the last week, this ‘what if humans suddenly disappeared’ has been shared by plenty of our friends, family and colleagues alike. No wonder the video is liked by close to 1.6 million people and is shared by 18.4K people. The reel has 8000 plus comments on it, sparking conversations between strangers and debates amongst friends. 

The ancestors

This is not the first somebody has imagined Earth without humans. Many other channels have imagined a world without humans. The most popular in line is a video by Brut. Other channels such as Koranos, AumSums and others have also attempted to imagine a world without homosapiens. Each video has its own imagination and narrative, making it equally exciting. However, the secrets of universe’s video has been one of the most popular because of the short format and easy to understand storyline with commonly used terminology.

The vanishing act

The reel begins with an ordinary day, much like any other. But in a blink of an eye, something extraordinary occurs – humans vanish from the face of the Earth, leaving no trace behind. The bustling cities, once filled with life, now echo with silence. Nature starts to reclaim its dominance, engulfing abandoned structures, and wiping away the marks of human civilisation.

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Wildlife takes centre stage

With humanity gone, the spotlight now shines on the animal kingdom. With no more urbanisation and deforestation, animal habitats flourish, and species thought to be endangered thrive in their newfound freedom. Cities become overgrown with vegetation, as animals, no longer threatened by human encroachment, explore the concrete jungle.

Viral video of the secrets of the universe

Lourdes Arteaga

The resilience of nature

Mother Nature reveals her resilience in this fictional reality. Oceans, once plagued by plastic pollution, gradually cleanse themselves, and coral reefs begin to recover. Air pollution dissipates, and the atmosphere starts to heal, showing the Earth’s remarkable capacity for self-repair when given the chance.

The legacy of human creations

While humans have vanished, their creations remain as silent witnesses to our existence. The Secret of the Universe’s reel imagines monuments and structures such as the Pyramid and the Great Wall of China standing as remnants of a once-thriving civilisation. These artefacts become an enigma to any future intelligent beings that might arise after humanity’s disappearance, raising questions about the stories behind these monuments.

The secrets of the universe presents viral video

Architectural Digest

The dark side of abandonment

However, the reel does not shy away from examining the potential negative consequences of humanity’s sudden vanishing. Nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities, left unattended, pose threats of catastrophic disasters. Without humans to control these installations, radiation leaks and other environmental hazards become real possibilities.

The Secret of the Universe’s Instagram account beautifully crafts an imaginative and thought-provoking reel that delves into the hypothetical scenario of humans suddenly disappearing. From the thriving wildlife to the resilience of nature, the reel paints a vivid picture of a world without humanity. However, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the legacy we leave behind and the consequences of our actions on the planet.


This fictitious exploration ultimately invites us to reflect on the importance of preserving our world and cherishing the interconnectedness that binds humanity to nature. While this reel may only exist in the realm of imagination, its underlying message is a call to action for the real world: to appreciate and protect the delicate balance between human existence and the broader universe we inhabit.