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Updates to the messaging software WhatsApp have been made for the users’ continued security.

According to a post by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp might soon let iOS users search for messages on a particular date. The feature is currently available on WhatsApp beta for iOS update from TestFlight.

Search messages by date on WhatsApp
Image Source WABetaInfo

When you try to search for a certain message in a chat, it appears that WhatsApp has added a new calendar icon. The button, when clicked, displays a calendar view where users can select a date. Simply scroll through the discussion to remove the calendar view if you want it gone.

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Other than this update, there are certain other updates too that might be just available to beta users initially.

Fortunately, the development of the feature that lets us edit messages has not been abandoned and WhatsApp still plans to implement it in a future release of the app. In fact, we discovered that WhatsApp is now working on bringing the ability to edit messages in a future update of the Desktop app, wrote WABetaInfo.

The specifics regarding the window of time during which users may edit their messages are still unknown because this functionality is still being developed.

Moreover, the application is going to have a feature where users can hide their online status.

Checking if you can already hide your internet presence is simple to do: If you see “Last seen and online” in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy, it means the feature is already enabled for your account. For example, only your contacts can see your last seen, your online presence won’t be shared with non-contacts; if you select no one can see your last seen, no one will be able to see when you’re active on WhatsApp. If the feature is enabled for your account, simply choose “same as last seen” to limit who can see your last seen.

WhatsApp is rolling out this feature to certain beta testers and, like any other feature, they are slowly enabling it to more users gradually as reported by WABetaInfo.