According to Official Pinterest Newsroom, it is launching a new promotional campaign By positioning Pinterest as a more positive space, free of the judgment and criticism that comes with those “other” apps, the company is attempting to distance itself from its social network roots further.

As you can see in the newsroom, the new campaign which is titled “Don’t Don’t Yourself,” aims to draw attention to the “inner saboteurs” that prevent users from moving forward, with Pinterest serving as “the antidote to doubt.”

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However, outside of Pinterest stating so, it isn’t really established why Pinterest would be any different from other social platforms in this respect.

As explained by Pinterest:

Fear of failure. Judgment. Doomscrolling. Procrastination. Inner critic. Too much of the world distracts us, makes us doubt ourselves, and makes us think we’ll be laughed at if we try. But nothing silences a saboteur like the simple act of doing. 

Pinterest’s latest brand campaign exposes the inner saboteurs that hold us back and highlights how Pinterest is the antidote to doubt.

Don’t Don’t Yourself” is the mantra at the heart of this new campaign, emphasizing the belief that the act of doing can help silence those feelings of fear and self-censorship that can sometimes hold us back.

This new campaign takes on those critics, defying the “don’ts” directly with the energy and positivity of “do.” Pinterest knocks down barriers and encourages people to create a life they love.

As previously mentioned, Pinterest has long tried to distance itself from the label of “social network,” preferring to refer to itself as “a catalog of ideas” or something similar.

Additionally, it functions less as a social media platform than those other apps because it places a greater emphasis on the content itself and on particular products rather than on community and interpersonal interaction.

Pinterest is a user interface-driven online store that features the newest, most inventive products from both small and large retailers.